Red tail arowana for sale




Red tail arowana for sale

The Red tail arowana for sale is a natural color strain. It has scale base color ranging from blue, green or gold with a gold rim on the outer edge of each scale. The gold rims on the scales reaches only up to its 4 th row of scales. The 6 th row of scales which is at the back when viewing from the top is usually dark color with no glittering.

This specie is believed to bring luck and wealth. It does not disappoint in personality or striking beauty, embodying the characteristics of the Asian Arowana.

The red tail golden arowanas (also known as RTGs) can be found within the Siak River system in Pekanbaru, Indonesia.Considered the ‘classic’ look for Asian arowanas, the red tail golden arowana is one of the most sought after of any arowana species.

And no wonder, since it looks so striking:

It has deep red fins with golden scales covering more than half of its body. But RTGs are different from all the other arowanas in that their beautiful golden scales (which experts refer to as the shine) will never grow past the fourth row of scales from their belly.

The scales without shine are usually a dull dark gray color.

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Small 4-6 inch, Medium 7-9 inch, Large 10-13 inch


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