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Platinum Arowana is one of the freshwater fish with bony appearances. This fish has a slim long body size with metallic gold-like scales which makes it looks even more enchanted. In the family stage of fishes, this fish is included in Osteoglossidae family. Mostly fishes that are included in this family will have a bony head with body elongated. The scales are also different since it appears in large size and heavy with beautiful shine pattern. The Super Arowana has soft and long layered. The head body of this fish is also unique in which it has teeth style that looks upward.

How To Care For A Platinum Arowana

To pet such a rare breed in anyone’s aquarium deserves utmost care and attention. If you’re planning to have one, you must know of the diet it consumes every day and the habitat it can thrive in.

As a predatory fish, the Platinum Arowana feeds on meat, such as crickets and shrimps. It prefers worms, crab meat, and small frogs when you keep one in an aquarium. Note that this type of Arowana prefers its meal on the surface of the water.

At the juvenile stage, the Platinum Arowana prefers live foods, such as small fish, live brown worms, or tadpole larva. You can also train this fish to consume pellet sticks and frozen food chunks.

Feeding time varies depending on the age of the Arowana. We should feed the babies at least thrice a day while young or medium-sized ones should take their meals two times per day. We can feed adult Arowanas once or every other day. No matter the age, you need to supply your Arowana with a variety of meaty foods to maintain a well-balanced diet.

When keeping one in an aquarium, make sure your tank contains at least 75 gallons of water. Note that it needs a wide tank as the Platinum Arowana can grow significantly within 8 to 10 months. Make sure as well you’re using a water filter and essential fish tank equipment to ensure the health and growth of your fish. As mentioned, this Arowana prefers to be alone, so better keep it without a mate or companion.

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