Green arowana




Green arowana

Green arowana,backed with rich vendors” base and vast industry experience, we are able to provide a huge range of these Arowana Fish. Our fish usually live in fresh water and is found in streams and inland rivers of majority of continents. This fish is extremely colorful and need negligible maintenance. It is best to be kept in aquarium. We offer this fish in attractive colors and different sizes at market leading rates.

You’ll find the these arowana living at the Nami Dam in Malaysia. Colloquially known as the Asian arowana, it has a pale gray coloration with a slight tint of green- especially towards the edge of its fins.

It has shorter dorsal and anal fins than South American arowanas and can grow up to around 3 feet in length. Must be kept only with large fishes that cannot fit into its large jaws.

Special Care

All arowanas are strong jumpers. The aquarium must be securely covered to contain a very large, athletic fish.

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5-7 inch, 8-10 inch, 11-12 inch


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