Golden arowana




Golden arowana

Probably the most famous arowana of all, the golden arowana is one of the most coveted ornamental fish around the world. For real, yo!

Native to Bukit Merah in Indonesia, the golden arowana is special because its shine extends all the way up to the sixth row of scales. Golden arowanas who have shine like this are known as ‘crossbacks’, because the level of shine has crossed up to their back (erm… obviously).

A golden arowana that has a fully golden head as well as the crossback coloration is known as the elusive ‘golden head full helmet crossback’, and is the most expensive and prestigious type of golden arowana. When it comes to this species, the more intense the gold coloration is, the more desirable they are to aquatic hobbyists.

There are also special variants of the golden arowanas that have a tint of blue towards the latter half of their bodies.

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