Blood red arowana for sale




Blood red arowana for sale

Blood red arowana for sale are very beautiful red arowana with deep high red color,often classified as Grade Q++.The whole gill cover is a glittering deep red color.
Our Selection offers a pick of premium quality Arowana from any of the farms in Asia, and we will do our best to match the colours your are looking for based on lineage. However, for specific colour requests the fish will need to be at least 15inches or greater. All our fish gets delivered with all certificates

As juveniles, this coloration will only be prominent towards the lips and the fins. Yet as they mature, that red color begins to spread all over their bodies.

At around 3 years old, the red coloration on its scales will be very prominent (as long as you’ve given it proper care and a good diet up till then).

Red arowanas are fiercely sought after, thanks to their gorgeous red color and unique appearance.

But even more than that:

Its distinct red color and similarities to a dragon is reminiscent of the common Asian symbols for luck and prosperity. The superstitious among us might believe that a red arowana would bring luck and prosperity to its owner.

Blood red arowana Appearance

The first thing to note about their appearance is their size. They can reach a massive 35 inches once mature. This is too big for most people to keep and is one of the main reasons that they are not common in aquariums.

They look similar to Silver Arowanas from South America. Both species have the characteristic jawline known as a drawbridge because their mouths are steeply angled.

Their bodies are covered in large scales arranged in 5 horizontal rows. Each scale has three colors: a base color, a 1st rim, and a second rim. A Red Arowana’s scales have bright red rims, sometimes around a gold base color.

Other notable features include large black eyes right next to the mouth and long pectoral fins joined just behind the head. They have broader anal, tail and dorsal fins at the rear.

The fins work with the muscular body to create powerful movements through the water- they can jump over 6 feet above the water surface!

They have many teeth and a bone in their mouth, giving them the nickname Bony tongue.

Red Arowanas are just one variety of Asian Arowana, other varieties can be green, gold or have colored tails.

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