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Panda Arowana are well known for premium quality specimens across the world.The Panda Gold Arowana is a hybrid between a Red Tail Golden Arowana and a Cross-Back Golden Arowana. This creates an unusually rich presence of colour that they have refined over time to create this beautiful variety.
Having established ourselves as one of the top figures in the industry, we live up to our name. We, as a Supplier and Exporter, offer a varied range of Panda Gold Arowana Fish. It is natural, chemical-free and delicious. These features make for a lucrative choice for our customers. To get your hands on this supreme quality at economical rates, get in touch and place your order. Panda Arowanas are well known for premium quality specimens across the world.


In breeding this variety of golden arowanas we from right at the start adopted the strict criteria of using only genuine Cross-Back Golden arowana brooders chosen for their high quality gold colors, proportionate physical appearance, and good finnage. Through the years we have improved upon our breeding stocks by adding selected premium Panda Cross-back Golden parent arowanas. We are glad and proud to see that several new arowana farms and existing farms seek to acquire our Panda Cross-Back Golden arowanas as their breeding stocks.

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