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The African arowana is a long bodied fish with large scales, long dorsal and anal fins set far back on the body, and a rounded caudal fin. Its height is 3.5 to 5 times standard length (SL). It has been reported to reach up to 1 m (3.3 ft) SL and weigh up to 10.2 kg (22 lb).

This fish is gray, brown, or bronze in color. Coloration is uniform in adults, but juveniles often have dark longitudinal bands.

African arowanas have air-breathing organs on its branchiae, enabling them to survive in oxygen depleted water.A suprabranchial organ allows it to concentrate small planktonic food particles and also has a sensory function.

One of the most unique fish in the ancient family of fish known as “bonytongues”, the African Arowana is widespread across freshwater habitats throughout the continent, where they tend to inhabit shallow river or stream banks close to reeds or other vegetation. They are the only fish in their family known to filter feed, sifting through sand and murky water for food items like tiny crustaceans and worms. In the aquarium, juvenile fish will require a steady supply of small food items like live brine or microworms fed several times per day. Larger fish, starting at 2-3″ in size, are usually much easier to feed and will take to prepared foods quickly. They are fairly peaceful fish in the aquarium, and will usually not harass tankmates.

And how about this:

It grows up to almost 4 whopping feet in length!

In reality, it’s actually a much closer relative of the arapaima rather than the arowana. However, due to its relatively small size compared to its giant cousin, it’s much more commonly thought of as an arowana.

Similarities aside:

Its appearance is different from any other arowana we’ve discussed so far. It has a distinct round head and a downward pointing mouth- and there’s a very good reason for this.

African arowanas are sand-sifters. They feed by sifting through sand for crustaceans and other molluscs.

They’re usually dark green with yellow/pale brown bellies

The African arowana prepares a crude nest from grasses in newly flooded swamp plains. The male guards the young and leads them from the nest on feeding excursions. Both sexes of Arapaima gigas of South America dig a spawning pit and guard the developing

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